San Francisco Center for the Book’s Shelter in Studio series with Mary Risala Laird / Quelquefois Press (07/30/2020).

Mary Risala Laird gives a talk on fifty years of printing and book arts at the Book Club of California (08/17/2020).

Mary Risala Laird of Quelquefois Press discusses forty years of printing, painting, and poetry at the Book Club of California in 2009.

Deborah Santana commissioned Mary Risala Laird of Quelquefois Press to set, print and bind an edition of her poetry. 100 copies. Not for sale. This is a slide show of some of the steps taken in the 7 months required to make the books. Deborah set the first three poems at San Francisco Center for the Book.

Video demonstration of using wheat paste and marbled paper to create beautiful endpapers.