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Remember the Light


Book of the Week article from Rare Books Department of Special Collections at the J. Willard Marriott Library, The University of Utah

From the colophon:

Resurrected and transmogrified etchings form the basis for this infinitesimal edition, primarily printed letterpress. Actual copies: seven, using Dante and Goudy Engraved. Text papers include Arches BFK, & Somerset. Endpapers & concertina guards: Nefertiti, long ago made by hand at Barcham Green Mill, and hoarded by me awaiting the right project!

Overprinted relief-roll etchings When Murshid Sings and Earthquake, may include laser-print, egg tempera, assorted colored pencils, polymer plates, Xerox, cut-outs, sewing & reticulated energy patterns. The laced-cords wooden board binding you are holding, is based on an 8th c. model. Hand-planed covers, laboriously covered with deer or goatskin, are fitted with brass ornaments. Thanks to both Laura Wait & Michael Burke, models of undying inspiration. Copies are hand numbered.

Maple and cherry covers are not covered. Bas-relief of right and left hand, carved into front and back covers. Books come enclosed in drop spine boxes. Trays are black calf or goatskin lined with white deer or golden elk skin. Outer covers: there are two of purple ostrich and two of teal ostrich; two more of lime green bovine; and one in lime green goatskin. Leather straps match the outer covers, and attach to brass hand-filed knobs on the fore-edge. A copper disc is inlaid on the front cover, a debossed crescent moon at its base. My Opus.


29 cm x 22 cm x 8 cm


26.5 cm x 19 cm x 5 cm


Seven, six for sale

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Bookbinding, Boxes, Letterpress