Sometimes Sometimes - Cover Sometimes - Title


by William Cirocco
Illustrations by Carla Tenret

A collaboration between Hawkhaven and 10Ray Press, with all work done at Quelquefois Press. Letterpress printed on Fabriano Rosapina. Covers are Stonehenge. There are 15 hand-painted images. First published in 2011.

How SOMETIMES came to be…

Carla Tenret (10Ray Press) conceived of the faces during a retreat of the Friends of Calligraphy. Upon showing the work to Bill Cirocco (Hawkhaven Press) and Mary Laird (Quelquefois Press) at our weekly work session in her Studio, Bill suggested that he and Carla work together on a book. Bill chose the images, cleaned them up for reproduction on the letterpress and chose the sequence. Bill then created the poetry and lettered the text to go with the images. Bill, Carla and Mary chose the paper and after ordering and receiving the paper, Bill cut the paper and did all the letterpress work. Carla started painting the images in 2011 and got thoroughly discouraged at the magnitude of the work. She quit. After a hiatus of a few years, the flame started burning again and she finished painting all the images in about a year, resulting in essence 50 original books. Mary Laird and Carla Tenret then collated and bound the work and with jubilation.


6 x 5 ½ x 5/8 inches




$200. CA residents add 10.25% tax. Shipping and insurance additional.


Bookbinding, Letterpress