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Retreat at Ptolemy House with Mary Risala Laird

Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Pecos, New Mexico
May 24-28, 2017
Downloadable 2017 Retreat Flyer


You are invited to gather! Again! Bring your hearts. Again! Surely we have met before! Love is always the guide. Come partake of a retreat with Risala Mary Laird at Pecos Monastery in the full bloom of spring! Precious is our time.

Guidance and instruction morning and evening as a group, and individual meetings throughout the day. Enter in the silence and beauty of who you are, as you are, now.

Inayati Order Alchemical Retreats in Berkeley with Mary Risala Laird


Retreat Hut Mary RIsala Laird 


Offerings of three to thirty day retreats in my backyard hut. Vegetarian meals provided. Guidance and instruction once or twice a day.


Risala Mary Laird is a Retreat Guide in the Inayati Order, appointed by Aziza Scott, head of Retreat concentration. The retreat process was formalized by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and continues under the guidance of his son, Sarafil Bawa Inayat Khan, using the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan.


Examples of practices for the retreatant are concentrations on breath, meditations on light, and chants from the Chishti lineage of the Sufi Order, as well as from other spiritual lineages. Instruction is given for practices working with forgiveness, prayer, inner peace, and being present.


Fee: $90-­$111 a day. All faiths welcome.


Retreat Testimonials