Price Sheet for Hillside Club November 2020
Home of Mary Risala Laird and Quelquefois Press in Berkeley, California.
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Price Sheet for Hillside Club
November 2020

Quelquefois Press Books / Mary Risala Laird ::

  1. Sometimes by William Cirocco / illustrations by Carla Tenret $180
  2. Love in Unexpected Places by Ralph Dranow $90
  3. Kindred Flame / Anita Barrows $500
  4. Jagged Stones / Anita Barrows $450
  5. Drop spine Box especially made for books 3 and 4 $250 (both books in box for $1100)
  1. Eggplant Skin Pants and Poems / by Mary Laird Hamady $250
  2. Sequence Beginning with Tara / by Anita Barrows $400
  3. Excerpts out of Prayers from the Ark by Carmen Berrios De Gasztold, with translation by Rumer Godden. A collaboration between 10-Ray and Quelquefois Press: Hand-set, printed, illustrated, and bound by Carla Tenret, with assistance from Mary Risala Laird $350