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Tusen Takk
2020 Classes
Intro to Letterpress

Set and print an edition of 15 cards

Learn how to set a line of metal type.
How to put it in the cylinder press
How to print it!
& how to clean the press
And put the type away!

Mary Laird / Quelquefois Press
638 Peralta Avenue / Berkeley CA
To sign up, please email

Saturday January 11 or
Saturday, May 10
10 AM-3:00 PM
Bring a lunch or snack


Design and Print a Chapbook*  in Two Days

Sunday/Monday January 19 & 20  or  Saturday/Sunday  May 23 and 24th

/10am – 4:30pm 2-4 students $300 each

Let’s have fun!  We will produce a one-signature chapbook printed 4-pages up, sewn as pamphlet stitch with 3 holes. Students will be shown examples of books, how to make a dummy, number pages, and learn the components of the chapbook: endpapers, 1⁄2 title, title, text, and colophon page. Edition size is 10-20 chapbooks. Students vote on a theme. Each person sets 5-10 lines of type for the text and works collaboratively with others on the remaining pages and cover. You will learn how to set type, mix ink, do make-ready, deal with kiss-off, & paper grain! How to pull proofs, make corrections, print & distribute type and spacing. How to read a pica ruler, how to sew a pamphlet stitch book! 5 copies of book for each participant. This project has been ongoing for 20 years!


Chapbook n. A small book or pamphlet containing poems, ballads, stories or religious tracts. ( originally ,” a book sold by chapmen” : Chapman + book.chap. man. n. a. British- A peddler. 2.(archaic) A dealer or merchant. ( Middle English ” chapman,” Old English” ceapman”: “ceap”, trade ( see cheap) + man. )
cheap adj. 3. Costing little effort, a cheap victory. 4. Of small value. 5. Of poor quality. 6. Not worth of respect; vulgar. 7. Stingy; miserly.
Tutoring for Hire!

Mary Risala loves teaching. If you are interested in private lessons for a group of 3-4, binding or printing, please give her a call. If you are a poet looking to take lessons in setting your own manuscript with intent to print, she may take on private students. Be forewarned that even small books take upwards of a year to complete.